Holism, Spirit, Work, Healing


Holism is supposed to involve a consideration of body, mind and spirit as one. But what is “spirit”? There are many explanations but to me, while alive on this Earth, I relate it to feelings of joy, deep engagement, enthusiasm, inspiration.

In fact…

Enthusiasm. From Greek theos = god; entheos = possessed by god.

Inspire. From Latin: spirare = breathe, related to spiritus = breath, spirit; inspirare = breathe into.

Thus, a truly inspired work (of whatever form), every task carried out with deep enthusiasm, is a work of the spirit.

On a personal note, I found I had “lost my spirit” while recovering from an accident. I had no enthusiasm and nothing inspired me. Like most people in similar situations, this would tend to add a layer of anxiety. I realised of course, at an intellectual level, that this was not helpful, and yet I could not fully control it, because I had never experienced such a situation before. Now I have come through and am regaining my enthusiasm, and so I know at an experiential level that what happened to my spirit was bound holistically with what was happening with my body.

I reflect that it was probably necessary, as a way of resting both body and mind. Thus, at times like this, one must positively accept a depression of the spirit confident in the knowledge that this is a healing process from which body, mind and spirit can rise again refreshed and regenerated.

(Photo: Inspiration via a temple dome, by dksesh: Sun shining through a temple dome, taken in the Srinivasa temple located at Tividale, Dudley, Midlands, England. Reproduced according to Creative Commons licence CC BY-SA. Downloaded from Wikimedia.)