An Approach to Chronic and Complex Health Problems

I have a special interest in the treatment of chronic and more complex problems. The word "chronic" means that a problem has been present for a long time, technically more than 6 months. Some problems, such as generalised osteoarthritis, have a naturally chronic course. In the case of osteoarthritis, this is because joint degeneration is, … Sigue leyendo An Approach to Chronic and Complex Health Problems

The «Five Elements» in Chinese Medicine

The great ancient civilisations developed philosophical models of existence that encompassed the cosmos, living beings, physiology, health, disease and medicines. They were based on fundamental “elements” that made up the universe. The Chinese had and still have a five-element system, Ayurvedic medicine also had and still has five elements, and Ancient Greek and Islamic medicine … Sigue leyendo The «Five Elements» in Chinese Medicine