About My Work


I treat pain and other symptoms associated with disorders of the spine, the joints, the muscles and the nerves, as well as stress, anxiety and mood disturbances.


My main treatment modality for painful conditions is osteopathy, a form of manual treatment with its own distinct philosophy.

Secondly, I sometimes use acupuncture, because I find it to be superior for certain kinds of pain conditions and certain people. It is also my treatment of choice for stress, anxiety and mood disturbances.

Thirdly, the time I spend with clients affords me them the opportunity to be listened to (sometimes that is very important), and allows me the opportunity to offer some gentle counselling if need be.

Fourthly, for some clients I recommend the use of medicinal herbs, especially for inflammatory conditions, anxiety and mood disorders.

And lastly, but actually often foremost in importance, I advise on any lifestyle changes which may be necessary to bring about, maintain, hasten, or improve the degree of improvement.

My Way

Each practitioner must make their therapeutic disciplines their own. Therefore experienced practitioners practise their disciplines in different ways. This is why I urge you to read more about the way I practise before you make an appointment:

Read about my osteopathy here.

Read about my acupuncture here.