Herbal Treatment

Herbs, along with massage, must surely be the one of the oldest forms of medicines used by human beings. Herbal medicine is very effective and certainly remains relevant today.


Lavender. Illustration from A Modern Herbal by M. Grieve (1931).

How herbs are used

Herbs may used in various kinds of preparations both internally and externally. Many practitioners use them to treat symptoms, as a “natural” alternative to drugs. Personally, I maintain that their best use is to help treat the physiological imbalances underlying the symptoms. This way of using herbs became highly developed in the great ancient cultures of Greece, India, and China.

In addition, herbs are best used as an adjunct to other interventions such acupuncture, osteopathy, and dietary or lifestyle changes.

What can be treated with herbs

The range of conditions which can be effectively treated with herbs is wide, and the number for which herbs may make a useful contribution is wider. Please contact me to find out if I can help with your ailment.

Herbal medicine is not homeopathy

Herbal medicine uses substantial doses of herbal material. Homeopathy is a completely different treatment, using highly diluted material that has undergone a special process said to make it more “potent”. I do not practice homeopathy.

The bottom line

Whatever kind of treatment you choose, it will work long term only if you also change the things in your life that caused the problem in the first place. People do not like to hear that but it is the truth. I can work with you to identify those factors and help you change them.