Personal Training


Sole, our recommended Personal Trainer in Santa Eulalia

For optimal health, everybody – young and old – needs to do some form of regular physical activity, preferably something that at one and the same time moves the whole body, helps maintain good muscle tone and coordination, stretches shortened muscles and ligaments, and makes the heart, lungs and circulation work.

Very often people with physical problems such as chronic back pain do not know what to do to begin adding more physical exercise to their lifestyle. They need close guidance. The best thing a person in this situation can do, in my opinion, is to work one-to-one with a personal trainer who has an understanding of how the body works and how things sometimes go wrong. Someone who knows how to interact with your specific condition, never pushing your body excessively, in order to bring about improvement without risk of further trauma.

I cannot recommend too highly Soledad Hale (Sole). She is highly qualified and well able to work with you to produce a training plan tailored to your specific needs. I consult closely with Sole in order to ensure that my patients receive the best care and attention.

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