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Stress: Survive and Thrive


Learn to manage stress for a healthier and happier life from a practising professional who not only practises what he preaches but can personally attest to the benefit of following the ideas he has set out in this book.

In the words of the author, “I want you not only to cope with life, but to take charge of your life in order to manage it effectively thrive, live a happy, fulfilled life, and as a natural consequence contribute to other people’s happy, fulfilled lives, too.”

This book gives you the reader a comprehensive and easy to understand guide to stress, how to eliminate the tension and worry it brings, and in doing so free yourself to thrive.

Copyright © Robert Hale 2016.
Cover image: The True Survival, reproduced according to Creative Commons licence.
Published by Avicenna Books.
8 x 10 inches (20 x 25 cm). 257 pages.
ISBN-13: 978-8412010916.

Price: €9.99 + postage (€5.50)

Download a sample including Preface, Introduction, and Chapter 1.

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Acupuncture: A Stress-Based Model


Acupuncture practice is overburdened by superfluous and questionable traditional theory. This book offers a simpler but, the author believes, equally effective model for the practice of acupuncture. It bases this model on the concept of stress, rather than traditional theories such as qi and the five elements. A method of treatment is proposed which does not rely on traditional maps of meridians or the traditionally described functions of discrete acupuncture points.

Copyright © Robert Hale 2019.
First published 2017. Second (revised) edition 2019.
Cover image: A man placing an acupuncture needle in the leg of a patient. Japanese watercolour. Wellcome Library, London. From Wellcome Images. Copyrighted work available under Creative Commons Attribution only licence CC BY 4.0.
ISBN: 978-84-120109-2-3
Published by Avicenna Books.
6 x 9 inches (15 x 23 cm). 257 pages.
ISBN-13: 978-8412010916.

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Mediterranean Healing Herbs: A Holistic Household Guide

Photo of a lavender flower

I am writing a book called “Mediterranean Healing Herbs: A Holistic Household Guide”. While I am writing it, I am making the developing manuscript available – as a work in progress – on a dedicated website. Although it may remain “in progress” as long as I live, at some stage it will be, if the universe be kind, sufficiently “finished” for publication as a printed book. At that stage access to the site will probably require a reasonable payment. Until then it is free, and that might be for quite a long time!

To read the developing manuscript see here.


Field notes from the rain forest of Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

A project to catalogue and describe the traditional medicinal uses of rain forest plants by the indigenous Temuan people in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.


Pain (article)

Desirable reading for all chronic pain patients.

13 Basic Spinal Exercises (PDF file)

This material is intended only for the use of my clients, for whom it is provided as a memory aid. Please only do the exercises which I have prescribed for you at your consultation.