Hello, I am Robert Hale. I am an Osteopath, Acupuncturist, and Herbalist, and have served the island community since 1998. 

I first qualified as a health practitioner in 1990, but owing to ongoing studies and an apprenticeship I did not begin to practice independently until 1994. I first practised in Italy before moving to Ibiza in July 1998. To date I have accrued 26 years’ clinical experience as a health care practitioner. 

In the autumn of 2020 I suffered two serious accidents. The first, in September, resulted from a jump from 25 m into water. Unfortunately I failed to maintain an erect body position and entered the water on my back. Water is hard! This left me with severe pain, sensation loss, weakness and muscle atrophy affecting both arms. While recovering from this, a month later on 26th October, I got up (rather too quickly) in the night to go to the bathroom, felt dizzy and fell flat on my front. Regaining consciousness on impact, I found I was paralysed from the chest down – I could feel or move no part.

Fortunately the situation was temporary but it has been a long road to recovery. The neurologist diagnosed spinal cord contusion and reserved judgement on the potential extent of repair. I have regained much of my strength but am left with permanently painful hands from the lesion in the spinal cord. For this reason, I made the decision in August 2020 to close my osteopathic practice to new patients, and concentrate instead on my acupuncture and herbal practices. I am also available for mentoring and second opinions.

I have been taking this philosophically. Let us say I was already minded to approach a state of semi-retirement, and these events have accelerated somewhat that process.

For my acupuncture practice, please see here.

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Mentoring and second opinions

I have to date a 26-year career as an osteopath. In that time I have gained a wealth of valuable knowledge, experience, insight and intuition. Why not pass it on to less experienced practitioners of the arts of manual therapy? If you are a practitioner of the manual therapy arts and you would like help with diagnosis, how to approach a given case or technical instruction, please see here.