I have a 26-year career as an osteopath. In that time I have gained a wealth of valuable knowledge, experience, insight and intuition. I possess particular skill in detective work, diagnosis, problem-solving, and helping people to get better. For health reasons I am gradually retiring from osteopathic practice, but I offer my skills and knowledge to less experienced practitioners of the manual therapy arts.

Who can I help?

Young / less experienced practitioners of manual or bodywork therapies whose aim is to help or solve their patients problems, for example:

  • Therapeutic massage practitioners.
  • Osteopaths.
  • Physiotherapists

How can I help?

  • Diagnosing problems and finding out their causes.
  • Advice on how to approach or proceed with a particular case.
  • Technical tuition.

How does it work?

This depends on what is required. In most cases I would come to your place of work and see your patient together with you. You would need to allow some time, up to an hour, for discussion after the session.

How much does it cost?

I work by an hourly rate of €50 for mentoring/tuition. Travelling to your place of work costs a flat fee of €30.

So for example, if your session with the patient lasted 45 minutes and the following discussion also 45 minutes, the total cost including travelling would be €105.

Contact me

C/ Ricardo Curtoys Gotarredona, 1
Edificio Sharq, Local 13A
Santa Eulària des Riu, Balears